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ウルフギャング・パック エクスプレス 大手町ビル店  Wolfgang Puck Express  Otemachi Building

アクセス抜群。地下鉄を降りると、すぐそこにカリフォルニア本場の味が待っています。  Get the taste of Californian cuisine as soon as you leave the subway.


Our Wolfgang Puck Express in the Otemachi building is the first to bring Wolfgangs Puck`s dining experience to a fast casual, and value for money selection. Just minutes from the subway ticket area, our Otemachi express is both convenient to transport and the surrounding offices. A perfect spot for a quick lunch or in the evening a place to relax and enjoy some great food and drinks while you wait for that last train home.

ウルフギャング・パック エクスプレス 大手町ビル店  Wolfgang Puck Express  Otemachi Building

大手町ビル店のおすすめ  Highlights of Wolfgang Puck Express at Otemachi building

「日替りランチが充実!  Looking for a new choice for lunch?」


For those looking for a fast, healthy and convenient location for lunch in the busy city, our Otemachi store is ideal. With our menu special designed to provide a well balanced and valuable for money selection to suit most taste.
We look forward to helping you through your busy day with our great lunchtime special menu.


「女性おひとりでも、一日のお仕事の後ゆっくりくつろげる店内です。  A place to relax after a day of work either by yourself or with friends.」


With counter, table and booth seating, our Otemachi store is fine for groups or individuals. We also have as well as our great value lunch menu a wonderful selection of snacks and appetizers as well as a full drinks bar that makes this location perfect for a quick break from work or an after work get together with friends, we wait.



大手町ビル店 MAP


住所  〒100-0004
東京都千代田区大手町1-6-1 大手町ビル B2F
電話番号  03-5220-3112
営業時間  月〜金 7:00-22:30
土曜日 11:00-16:00
定休日  日曜・祝日

1-6-1 Otemachi Building B2F Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 100-0004 Japan
TEL : 03-5220-3112
Now open daily from Monday to Friday 7:00- 22:30 Saturday 11:00 - 16:00 Sunday also the exception of days that Otemachi building is closed.